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Annual Inspections, Original Makers Certificate, Repairs and Maintenance Service, Spare Parts Supply

LUTZ Elevators is fully certified to provide you with every service related document, including the Maker´s Certificate for general inspections. In other words, we will test, dismantle and inspect the entire elevator without affecting your warranty.

Our Marine After Sales Service complements the efficiency of our high quality elevators. Yet we also provide service coverage for all brands of elevators on board ships and seagoing vessels. An international network of trusted and fully trained service partners forms the backbone of our worldwide guarantee of use.  

We provide a full service that includes maintenance, safety inspections, a spare parts service and class requirements as well as an emergency service. Entrust us with your on-board service and we will inform you when necessary certificates are about to expire. We will also prepare and accompany your mechanics on general inspections.


Our service is missing just one thing: your geographical coordinates.

Service assignments on board

Each of our elevators comes with very specific training for your on-board mechanics and engineers. The emphasis placed on this training means that many problems won't occur in the first place. But of course, we – and especially you – want to be well prepared for any circumstances. In our team there are trained and certified specialists on stand-by for every possible situation, around the clock – and around the planet.

That includes our very own employed 'task force' of mechanics as well as our contract partners. Before they are entrusted with any inspection by LUTZ Elevators, they have been carefully checked and tested themselves to ensure they are up for any task and that they have experience in every operation.

That is why LUTZ Elevators has one of the highest success rates in the world. And that is exactly what we want you to expect from us.


Logic and logistics, hand in hand.

Spare parts

We strive to achieve unique quality without using unique components. Our elevators are based on an open system, meaning that your ship will never need to wait for a rare spare part while it’s traveling around the globe to it's next destination.

In case we are operating on a maintenance contract for a different elevator brand, rest assured that our highly trained professionals will contact the original developer in advance to ensure that any special spare parts are at hand as soon as possible.

Trust our worldwide logistics to deliver anything you need by land, sea or plane so that your vessel is ready to leave on schedule.


Just everything you require.

Modernisation and repairs

When it comes to repairs or the modernisation of out-dated marine elevators we don't care who the original manufacturer was. We will simply treat it as one of our own. That means it has to fulfil very high standards – and that you can rely on 100% LUTZ elevator quality once we are done.

Within the specified parameters, we will modernise your elevator to fulfil your wishes. No matter if these are for safety, economical or representative reasons. But most likely they will be for all of these reasons – and you will be surprised at what is possible within your budget once our planners get to work.