Ships have always been a part of us. Vice versa.

LUTZ Elevators was founded in 1927. Our proximity to the Port of Hamburg has formed a connection between our company and the special requirements of marine elevators from day one. And together with our experience, our service has grown every day – into a sophisticated worldwide network – so that, today, we are one of the leading global suppliers of marine elevators. 


Everything in one company. Except limitations.

We are elevator specialists through and through. Our own specialised production facilities ensure that the entire process – design, production, assembly and maintenance – is in the hands of experts throughout. This autonomy not only guarantees quality and sturdiness of the highest level, it also enables you to be a part of the creative process at any point along the way. If requirements of form, usage or design change, all processes are in our hands and can be quickly adapted to the new situation.

If you desire a special function or shape, our planning specialists will eagerly take up the challenge. And the bigger the challenge, the more they enjoy their work, because it is then up to their creativity, craftsmanship and ability to come up with new ideas.  

We are the ones that ensure and guarantee that your new elevator meets and exceeds your expectations – from the first line on the blueprint to the last screw tightened.


Now it's getting personal.

Yachts: Owner's Elevators, Panoramic Elevators, Crew Elevators and Dumbwaiters.
Without a doubt, constructing elevators for yachts is our creative department’s favourite task. Then, in this sector it's all about personal customisation, meeting new requirements and challenges at every turn, leading to an elevator that has never been built in this way and will never be built in the same way again.

When designing a yacht it’s not just about the vessel, it’s about matching the look, feel and technology of the yacht to the personality of its owner. And just like us, you will want it to be perfect. Today, four of the world’s top ten mega yachts have elevators that were engineered and built by us. And we’re still counting.

No one can do what we do, the way that we do it, with state-of-the-art design that knows no limitations, detailed planning, reliable timing, engineering excellence in-house manufacturing and an exquisite finish.


Designed to lift people, goods and moods alike.

Cruise Liners: Passenger and Panoramic Elevators, Escalators, Service Elevators, Dumbwaiters.

When booking a trip on a cruise liner, it's not just about getting from A to B. It's also about enjoying the stay at every single moment. This means that reliability, durability and technical sophistication are just one side of engineering elevators for these vessels. In the process of development, equal priority is given to blending in with the ship’s own design and maximizing convenience for passengers and crew.

Modern elevator control features such as peak traffic detection, remote monitoring and advanced group control systems ensure that, even at breakfast or dinner time, each passenger can enjoy the ride without making the others wait.

Our cruise line elevators are designed to be a vital part of creating an unforgettable memory for everybody on board.


Working hard for a living.

Cargo Ships: Crew and Freight Elevators, Dumbwaiters.

A cargo ship is not just a working environment but also home to a lot of people, which means that an elevator must combine absolute reliability, endurance and convenience on an economical level. While we could, of course, construct a unique solution that fits your needs, we are also able to cover virtually any demand with a large range of pre-fabricated solutions, offering you a budget-friendly system and punctual assembly.

The sophisticated LUTZ Marine Crew Elevator is the ideal ship elevator for use in accommodation and crew areas – either for transporting passengers or small loads. This range is the result of more than 50 years of experience and working in shipbuilding and offers a wide-ranging scope of designs, high availability and extreme durability.


Take the ferry. Keep the memory.

Ferries: Passenger and Panoramic Elevators, Escalators, Service Elevators, Dumbwaiters.

Most people don't choose to take the ferry because they need to. They want to enjoy the journey before they reach their final destination. They are not looking for a water taxi but rather a moving hotel that is a great start or the perfect ending to a memorable trip.

LUTZ Elevators knows how to translate these expectations into state-of-the-art design, flawless functionality and steel of the highest durability, ensuring enjoyment of a smooth ride in a passenger elevator and the convenience of a large variety of technical benefits. These include the monitoring of peak traffic to reduce passenger waiting times and providing you with a reliable crew or service elevator that fulfils its designated tasks.


Even under extreme conditions you can count on LUTZ Elevators, your reliable partner.

Offshore and Construction: Personnel Elevators, Column Elevators, Material Handling Elevators and Rack and Pinion Elevators.

Working on an offshore plant or construction vessel means working under the toughest conditions imaginable. People who choose this job know they can't rely on calm weather or smooth waves. For their own safety, it's essential that they can, however, rely upon the fact that everything will work perfectly – at any time and under any circumstances.

Our Marine Elevator Division provides high-performance elevator solutions such as heavy-duty goods lifts (>10 t capacity), provisions elevators, FPSO solutions, drilling rig applications and rack and pinion elevators made of the toughest components. The moment they leave our facilities for installation they have already passed an extensive factory acceptance test. Whether its task is to enable a constant flow of people on all levels or to move twenty tons of equipment – your new elevator is a professional, just like everybody else on board.

When you choose LUTZ Elevators as your partner, you also choose availability at all times, durability that lasts a lifetime, safety on every count and the reliability of a global partner.


At your command 365/24/7.

Navy Vessels: Crew Elevators, Ammunition Elevators, Provision Elevators and Dumbwaiters.  

The same commitment is required from the elevator on a navy vessel as from any member of the crew, from carrying out your task with absolute routine to shifting to peak performance in a split second without hesitation. Your crewmembers have been training hard for just this. And LUTZ Elevators can be constructed and installed at your command with built-in, permanent alertness under all conditions.

No matter what the weather conditions or if people or goods need to be moved – a LUTZ elevator will never slow down the fulfilment of a command.

We guarantee absolute reliability, durability and safety. Not just in the form of certificates but also with personal responsibility.