Independence, experience and excellence.

LUTZ Elevators was founded in 1927. Our proximity to the Port of Hamburg has formed a connection between our company and the special requirements of marine elevators from day one. We are a family-owned, medium-sized enterprise in the north of Germany and a global supplier of marine elevators, represented today in numerous countries around the world.

Our resources cover everything from our large staff of engineers, specialists and designers to our very own manufacturing facilities, including a steel processing site. This is why LUTZ Elevators is able to operate completely independently of all interests other than those of our clients and our own high standards. Nothing can stop us from finding the perfect solution for any task – even if that solution is yet to be created.

Over 170 employees plan, manufacture, construct, service and modernise elevators. We are up for any challenge, no matter what size the ship or how complex your task.

We offer a wide range of elevators and services: from solutions for the provision and handling of material, to crew or passenger transport, right up to servicing elevators and supplying spare parts, anywhere in the world.

Pursuing quality has been central to LUTZ Elevators’ vision from the very beginning, and it remains the motto of every employee. We have established a quality system in conformity with EN ISO 9001:2000. Of course, every elevator component is put through an intense process of quality testing before assembly and final delivery.